If you are looking for information about the trip it can be found in this post.


As a small boy I used to dream of adventure; of travelling to new places and sleeping somewhere different every night.

Every time I take a holiday I am excited by the possibilities of a new place, what it has to offer and the people who you may meet. About 10 years ago I had the good fortune to live in London where I was able to travel extensively, this brought a plethora of wonderful experiences, these included freezing my ass off at the top of Zugspitze in Austra, chatting with friends in the warm summer evenings at Covernt Garden London, and enjoying long lazy days in Perissa Beach Santorini.

After I’d returned to Australia, a life long friend suggested a motorcycle trip around Australia. I didn’t have a motorcycle or a license, but that small problem was quickly fixed with some lessons and a trip to the Suzuki dealer. I was hooked from that first ride at the Motorcycle school.  Eight years later, motorcycling has become a way of life. I love the freedom of the bike, the people I’ve met along the way and the feeling you are left with after an enjoyable day’s ride.

A few years after learning to ride, I stumbled across the Horizons Unlimited website. I attended my first travel meet the following September. At that meet, I felt like I had found my people, here were people who loved to travel and loved motorcycles. At that travelers meeting, I felt a comradery with complete strangers, they were friendly and wanted to tell their story and help others discover what they had found. After that travel meeting I set about learning all I could about international motorcycle travel.

Last Christmas, I was talking with my sister and discussing where in the world we would like to travel to. We both agreed that South America would be a great place to ride through and I immediately thought that the Pan American Highway would be an awesome ride. She pointed out that there may not be another opportunity for me to do such a trip and most people never get the opportunity to complete an adventure like this. So with that conversation the seed for this trip (and this blog) was planted.

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I hope you enjoy my journey…


PS. If you know anyone in the Americas please tell them about this blog and my trip. I would be very keen to hear from them and maybe meet them. You never know, they may even appear in this blog.


wpid-20150103_111146.jpgMy trusty F650GS



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