The “Platos Nacionales” Result

First off I have to say that I did not complete the challenge as I had devised, I missed two national dishes.  The first was Guatemala, I just could not find the dish.  The second was Bolivia, I saw the pasty on the street, but did not recognize them.

The most unique national dish and my favourite restaurant food I ate was Chiles en Nogada from Mexico.  My favourite street food was Pupusa from El Salvador.

It is worth mentioning the 49th State Brewery hamburger; to use a saying from our American friends – that was “good burger”.

In trying all the national dishes, there were a number of dishes that are basically the same.

Beans and Rice appeared three times: Belize, Nicaragua and Costa Rica

Pasty dishes appeared twice: El Salvador and Chile

Chicken Soup appeared twice: Panama and Colombia

So what was my favorite meal of the entire trip?  Casado from  Costa Rica – a.k.a “The Married Man”.  This is a very hearty meal and something I will be inflicting on dinner guests for years to come.  Casado is prepared with different meats: beef, chicken, pork or fish; or it can even be prepared Vegetarian.  The particular version I am referring to is where the chicken is cooked twice, it is first poached in butter then grilled on a BBQ.


The national dish posts from my trip can be found here.


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